Dragon Ball Z or Power levels sometimes over 9000

I, being the well connected lump of handsome that i am, know alot of very brilliant and extraordinary people, among which is a girl i know, sort of, called rebecca, now what makes rebecca great is her hair, hair that is to being beautiful what the united states is to ruining third world countries.

Allow me to explain, she is able to take things that in concept would look stupid, and somehow just make it work, for example dying all her hair fluorescent red.

Recently she has her hair dyed so the front half is blonde and the back half is black, and as always its amazing, now the other day as i glimpsed that hair and let its sheer creativity reaffirm my faith in man kind,  i thought of a joke.

Walking past her in a corridor is like seeing vegeta turning super-saiyan, first her hair is black and then blonde, ha ha ha

*dejected sigh*

God, that was alot of exposition for just one joke…

So now that that obvious link/possible reason for a restraining order, is over with, let me get on with my usual thing.

Dragon ball z is unequivocally one of the most popular shows in all of  the dark twisted realm called anime, a show that everyone, fans or stupid people, has heard of at some point… wait that reflects bad on me…i mean non-fans or smart people.

If you have never heard of DBZ the you clearly have lived under a rock for the past nine thousand and ten (OVER 9000) years.

Also at this point i’d like to introduce a drinking game, take a drink every time i make THAT joke.

Japanese promotional poster of Dragon Ball Kai

Japanese promotional poster of Dragon Ball Kai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The plot of DBZ is a simple thing, goku is an alien and he uses martial arts and 20 minutes of screaming per episode to protect the earth from different aliens, the dragon balls in the title refer to 7 magic balls that when gatherd grant a single wish.

The show is split in to 4 sagas each with around over 9000 (take a drink)  episodes a piece, the saiyan saga, the freza saga, the cell saga and the buu saga.

The show knows what it is, a fighting show and allows its self a laugh every now and then, and dosent burden the plot with needless complicated twists, oh hi M.Night Shyamalan, or with stupidly incomprehensible philosophies, oh hi inception.

The art design is simple but also elegant, using changing textures and distinctive characters outfits, and its always nice to look at the first episode of dragon ball then watch dragon ball kai and see how much the quality has changed over time.

The charactors are relatable, if over the top,and when i say “over the top” i mean they are so far over the top they are over 9000 (take a drink) light years in to the outer-atmosphere.

Despite the impossibaly over the top charactors, most are some what relatable, each has a different motivation, although most of those are “i’m evil so suck it”.

Unlike other shows with fanbases that number over 9000 (take a drink) that are aimed at kids, the charectors develop and in different ways, for example gohan has to be forced in to change by the situation, where as Vegetas change is slow and sutle, going from a self loving arrogant proud planet bursting worrier, to a self loving arrogant proud planet saving worrier.

The fight scenes are superb and incredible, esspecialy when you consider the time they were made, a time where, in the anime world, animating a blob falling off a taller blob was considered the most brilliant thing in the universe, or to back track to the start, a world where rebeccas beautiful hair didn’t exist. The fights are cinematic and well choreographed, with movments that are rarely matched let alone surpassed to day.

Its odd how nower-days “an anime with great fights” just means “almost as good as DBZ“, oh hi Naruto Bleach and One Piece.

The sound track could be a little dissapointing at times but that has mostly been fixed with the kai dub and remastering.

The only major problem with the show is the (prepare to take a drink) over 9000 episodes of filler. But even then the filler episodes each have their own fun personality to them, and the long fight episodes are forgivable because of just how good the fight scenes and animation are.

I can forgive the plot its gripes because of some of the better moments of the show like when Nappa says “vegeta what did you say his power level is?” to which Vegeta responds with “ITS OVER 9000”

take a drink.


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